About the Twinning Association

Formally stated, the aims of the Swanage Town Twinning Association are to “…promote international friendship by strengthening by all possible means the links formed by the Association, stimulating and fostering the mutual exchanges at all levels between the peoples of the twin towns… and by organising fund-raising activities to support the objectives of the Association”.

This quotation is from the Association’s Constitution, which to emphasise the civic dimension of the twinning partnership, provides for the Mayor of Swanage or a Councillor representative to be President of the Association.

Following a lot of hard ground work by the original founder members, the formal partnership document with Rudesheim was signed in 1986 in the presence of the mayors and civic dignitaries from both towns. Since then each year visits have taken place, alternating between Swanage and Rudesheim, between 30 and 40 people from each town usually making the visits. Members stay in each others’ homes, thereby over the years many firm friendships have been forged.